Vision, Mission, Values

Vision, Mission, Values


Our mission is to develop principled and innovative global leaders based on values and knowledge of Asia.


To become the most influential business education provider and the gateway of 'Asia to the world' and 'the world to Asia' through Asian expertise and networks.

Core values (S3)

Spirit of mutuality: We respect for others and unique cultural diversity and form collaborative networks to build up the academic and business community for win-win solutions.

Superiority in all we do: We pursue academic and business excellence with creativity, individual initiatives, and adaptability to environmental changes to create values for people and the society.

Sustainability: We take a long-term view to make a healthy and sustainable organization and economy with social responsibility and environmental awareness.

Key Areas We Focus

  1. Business Basics
  2. Asian Business and Global Awareness
    1. Business in Asian countries
    2. Asia-specific corporation issues (e.g., governance structure)
  3. Asian Culture and Language
    1. Cross-cultural approach
    2. Global language proficiency
  4. Asian People:
    1. Leadership and entrepreneurship
    2. Asian network
  5. Asian Market
    1. Financial market
    2. Product market
    3. Labor market