Applicants may apply for this program through the following schools according to their nationality.

The S3 Asia MBA provides participants with a global standard in business education based on Asian perspectives. Our program is designed for those who seek either a career in the Asia-Pacific region, or who are planning to do business with Asian companies.
We seek for keen and creative-minded individuals who have a record of achievements and possess leadership and teamwork capabilities. The candidate selection process is as follows:

Schools Entrance Exam Work Experience
Fudan GRK for students from Mainland China
Special GRK for students from Macau, Hong Kong, & Taiwan
GMAT for students outside Greater China who want to apply for Fudan Degree
3 years
KU Official English Profiency test score if you are not a graduate from English-speaking countries 2 years
NUS GMAT required for all NUS degree applicants 2 years

Academic Requirement

Bachelor degree or equivalent from an accredited four-year college or university is required.

Admission Test

  • For NUS, the official GMAT score is required.
  • For Fudan candidates - including any Chinese passport holders living in or outside China - a Chinese national entrance examination (GRK) is required.
  • For non-NUS candidates seeking a second degree from NUS, the official GMAT score is required. For example, the Chinese student who took GRK also has to take the GMAT test in order to get a degree from NUS. For non-KU candidates seeking a second degree from KU, the GRK test can be a substitute of the GMAT test.

Work Experience

We seek applicants with diverse professional experiences and essential skills building towards future professional goals. * Qualified applicants with equivalence to the requirement may be eligible for admission.

The Interview

Qualified applicants will be interviewed in English at their respective business schools and the interview outcomes will be accepted for all three business schools.