Applicant Selection

The S3 Asia MBA Admissions Committee seeks to establish a community of students with diverse backgrounds and experiences who can make unique contributions and collectively enrich the S3 Asia MBA educational experience. Committee members will carefully consider biographical and academic background information, GMAT score, achievements, awards and honors, employment history, letters of recommendation, and college and community involvement.

Interviews will be conducted for short-listed applicants. These will be conducted on campus or off campus by invitation only. International applicants who reside outside of China, Korea or Singapore will be interviewed by an alumnus who also resides near the applicant, or over the phone by a committee member.

Application Deadlines

Please contact each respective university for application deadlines. To allow sufficient time to apply for student visa, international applicants are recommended to apply as early as possible.

Admission Deferment

Students who are admitted can defer admission for up to one year in case of work or personal emergency.

Program Tuition, Fees and Scholarships

The tuition fees of the S3 Asia MBA program vary from year to year. Tuition does not include accommodation costs, additional living expenses, and traveling costs. Qualified applicants intending to take up full-time study may apply for scholarships.

Application Information

Up-to-date information regarding the application form and process, decision deadlines, campus visits, interview, and prerequisites for the S3 Asia MBA can be found and downloaded at the website of each respective university.