Why S3 Asia MBA Program

Why S3 Asia MBA Program?

Asia will be the focus of the much of the world's economic and political activities in the 21st century. Its rapid development has led to increasing complexity of doing business in the region bounded by vast differences in economic, business, cultural, institutional and socio-political conditions. Increasingly, there is a growing need for a pan-Asian MBA program offering in-depth understanding of the theory and practice of conducting business in Asia. However, few universities in Asia have the research and teaching capabilities to offer a program that provides the depth of theoretical and practical education required by managers. Hence, the non-customized standard MBA was until now, the primary formal management education and training tool available in Asia.

In response to such needs, School of Management at Fudan University, Korea University Business School and NUS Business School have launched the S3 Asia MBA, beginning Fall 2008.

How does an MBA program jointly operated by three leading universities in Asia offer an unprecedented edge in top-notch business education?

The three schools have the best understanding of Asian economies; established world-class MBA programs through accreditations and joint programs; and possess the faculty trained in top business schools around the world. The integration and collaboration between these three leading business schools in Asia will offer worldwide competitiveness in a world-class Asian business education.

The S3 Asia MBA program aims to meet the growing and diverse needs and expectations of students, employers, faculty, alumni, universities and governments by preparing students for senior leadership positions in major business locations in Asia and the world. This program will combine the unique strengths of the three leading business schools into an exceptional MBA program taught in three of the most sophisticated and rapidly developing cities in the world.